[Saturday: 21 April 2018 ]
The Work

Presented for Boundary Work II is a collection of key works from Mocksim's artistic practice which incorporates the use of digital tools and performance. Expect short looping films, live art and stupid applications of science, photography, technology. The show includes 'Now Man', an activity in which participants are challenged to respond to the movements of a rapidly spinning camera, described as a game of "digital narcissism, heady sadism and running about". Also on display will be Contra-Invention, nominated for the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2012, an exhibition of photographs taken by traffic wardens of illegally parked cars in one British town.

Mocksim, in response to the question: "How do you describe your practice?": "My mode of working involves firstly observation, gathering materials, objects, ideas, equations even, creating something I may have to accept as overwhelming and then distilling from that individual (effectively minimalist) works. Formal considerations are important in exhibiting: the intention is rarely to provide evidence of an entire process.

I can frame this work in a number of ways, for example in terms of medium or the arenas I know best: digital tools for simulation and animation or photography. Relating art to skills in this way keeps a certain kind of ignorant critic at bay but clearly the techniques employed are not always fundamental, in fact expertise can be a barrier. Typically what emerge are short looping films or ritualistic performances presented in conjunction with selected collected objects.

Another way I structure my activity is in terms of the idea of Feedback Loops. Circuits of this type are seen as intelligent in that they self-regulate but can also implode, act stupidly and fail spectacularly. I am interested in the communicative flow between entities, between people too, mediated through things, and including what is reflected back. My work is fundamentally observational but also about prodding or tickling in order to upset the equilibrium in these looping relationships (I think)."

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Opening on Culture Night

Key Dates:
Opening: Friday 21st September at 6.00pm.

Duration:The work will be on public display from 21st Sept - 22nd Oct.

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