[Saturday: 21 April 2018 ]
Contact Details

The Artist

For information/contact with the artist::

e: info@mocksim.org
w: http://www.mocksim.org

The Gallery

For general information related to the exhibition you can contact the Wandesford Quay Gallery directly at:

t: (00353) 21 4335210
e: ccad.gallery@cit.ie

Research in the Creative Arts

If you have enquiries about the Boundary Work series or are interested in further information about research in the creative arts please contact:

Paul Green
Department of Media Communications
CIT Crawford College of Art
Bishopstown Campus
t: +353 21 4335102
e: paul.green@cit.ie

Organised by
CIT Crawford College of Art and Design
association with

Opening on Culture Night

Key Dates:
Opening: Friday 21st September at 6.00pm.

Duration:The work will be on public display from 21st Sept - 22nd Oct.

See The Event section for specific information about the launch and gallery opening times.